About this Blog

About this Blog

There is an old saying: ‘Standing on the whale and fishing for minnows.’

Well here we are, standing on our great majestic beast.  It is right under our feet. No, it IS our feet – our entire body in fact. Here it is. Calling to us. Waiting – ever so patiently and lovingly –  to connect us to our inner wisdom. To guide us on our unique healing journeys. And to take us on a great adventure to ourselves and each other.

Do not be overwhelmed by its size, or mistake its wild ways. Its humbling will be gentle. And if it is fierce at times it is only to prune that which is no longer needed, leaving behind what is raw, real, and untamed.

This is a blog where, I will from time to time, be sharing musings, insights, experiments and topics of discussion inspired by clients and those close to me as they connect to the wisdom of their bodies.

The blog is not meant to be an authority in your life. Instead my intention is to help clear the fog that prevents you from being in touch with what is vital in your unique process- from being in touch with a force within you whose presence is undeniable, like a great whale within each of our depths.  I say ‘clear the fog’ because I do not believe that it is my place to show you who you are or what your next step is. Who you are is something that IS, and we do not need any preconceived notions to understand it. We only need to put these aside -drop them one by one – sit by the ocean of our beings and watch. There, our great whale awaits patiently, ready to teach what nobody else can teach. There, awaits an experience that transcends any words I type and the paradoxes that our minds can not contain.

It is also my intention to help support and encourage you to honour what you uncover as you travel on this journey of greater connection. In other words, I would like to help you integrate and live out what your inner wisdom is asking of you. This is not a small feat. And there is much for us to learn and discuss about as we voyage in and out of the sea.

I also believe that sharing the experiences and bravery of my clients’ journeys will serve to inspire others to continue along their paths. I know it can, because they have inspired and taught me so much along my own.

I’m not sure if this is a journey everyone is meant to take. But for those drawn to it- and by that I mean those for whom it is of vital importance to quench an inner thirst for the experience of the self – I am of service to this cause in you. This is my dedication and commitment.

I look forward to connecting with you more.

To throwing the fishing pole aside and diving into the whale,

Satyam Malhotra